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The journey of becoming a parent can evoke powerful emotions, changes in relationships, and questions about oneself.  It is an all-encompassing experience that is filled with incredible joys, but also baffling contradictions and challenges.  For many parents, the mixture of sleep-deprivation, financial stress, work changes, role and relationship changes, and the demands of a baby can introduce or exacerbate anxiety and/or depression. Memories and experiences from childhood can also return with new relevance, and power -- and may require updated understanding for this new chapter of life.

If you allow it, parenthood is rich with opportunity to discover new strengths, aspects of a more expansive self, and a deeper connection to partner and baby.  Through supported exploration of feelings, expectations, and experiences, individuals & couples are better prepared for all the changes that are a part of establishing a new "normal" with baby.  Therapy, 'the talking cure' is proven to be particularly helpful with acquiring insight into situations, learning to listen to what symptoms are telling us, and gaining strength and courage to make the changes necessary to bring relief, and improve quality of life.  Therapy is not a solitary journey, and for most that is the most comforting aspect.

The therapeutic relationship is a collaborative process; it is rooted in trust, and guided by curiosity about how we came to think, feel, and believe particular things about ourselves.  Many of our most deeply held beliefs about self are unconscious, and though buried to the conscious mind - still have a significant impact on how we lead our lives.  My approach is Psychodynamic, which means that we will explore the past and present, with particular emphasis on formative relationships, and significant experiences.  If your relationships are not what you hoped they'd be, If you're troubled by difficult thoughts and feelings, and if life is less satisfying than you want -- then perhaps it's time to begin.   



I am a Psychotherapist licensed to practice in the state of Pennsylvania, and my private practice is in Abington, PA.  I have 20 years of experience in the field, and 12 years in private practice. My master's degree was earned at Eastern University in 2004, and I am credentialed by the North American Association of Masters in Psychology (NAAMP).

My experience with both private and community clients has nurtured my interest in the area of reproductive health psychology - a specialty that acknowledges the complexity and trials of the developmental process of parenthood.  I have extensive and specialized experience supporting women through their journey into parenthood, whether that be the hardship of infertility, the overwhelm of the postpartum period, or the profound grief following a loss. Also a regular part of my work, but not just specific to transitioning to parenthood are -- the challenges of relationships, dynamics of identity formation, family of origin, life transitions, mood / anxiety symptoms, and deeper questions about self.

I was the Clinical Director of the Maternal Wellness Center from 2008 - 2010, and was a 2008-2009 Clinical Fellow with The Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, with an area of advanced study in postpartum disorders, infant attachment, and infant-parent psychotherapy.  I was an associate with the Center for Postpartum Depression in Philadelphia from 2011 - 2016.  I also directed the on-site perinatal depression services for Jefferson at Abington Memorial Hospital from 2012-2016.  I am a vested member of Maternal Wellness Group, a consortium of providers with specialized care in peripartum services.    I am a local provider for Postpartum Support International.  I am also a member of PLIDA Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance, and have received twenty-three hours of advanced training with the top researchers and practitioners in the area of perinatal loss. 

My approach is warm and supportive, and is infused with Psychodynamic, Humanistic, and Strength-based theory and technique.  Since 2003 I have sought supervision from trained analysts, and continue to be inspired and influenced by the psychoanalytic perspective which values; increasing consciousness and deepening understanding of childhood/early attachments - and the implications of those relationships in the present. 

In 2012 I was invited by the Neonatology Department at Abington Memorial Hospital to give a Grand Rounds lecture on the topic of Postpartum Depression in Nic-U families.   In 2013 I was invited by Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Family Health Division, to lecture at a conference entitled "Treating Perinatal Depression: Models for Women at Risk."  I facilitate a special support group at the Breastfeeding Resource Center focused on and named, "Not What I expected When I Was Expecting", this support group is free of charge and meets quarterly.

Clients tell me that after talking with me they feel heard -- they feel that their thoughts and feelings are valid and make sense given the situation.  With the gained insight and confidence about what's happening in their lives, clients are able to make the best choices for them, and move into the future with increased relief and clarity. 

Phone: 267-432-2374