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Supportive Counseling & Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

We offer a range of specialized mental health care for the full-spectrum of peripartum mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD’s) and experiences:

  • Depression and/or anxiety in pregnancy

  • Postpartum depression and stress

  • Peripartum obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Adjustment to parenthood

  • Pregnancy after loss support

  • Support for infertility

  • Third party reproduction consultations and evaluations

  • Grief / bereavement care for miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss

  • Supportive care for ending a wanted pregnancy / medical termination

  • Reproductive decision-making & planning

  • Support for families with a baby in the NIC-U

  • Processing a traumatic birth experience

  • Supportive care for medical complications for mother or infant

  • Adjusting to life with an a-typical baby / child

  • Facing single motherhood / fatherhood

  • General support for the parenting journey

  • Family, identity & career decision-making

  • Support during life transitions

Contact Us to schedule an appointment.


“The Maternal Wellness Center is an incredible place. Kellie is truly an empathetic listener for prenatal and post natal mothers/couples. I would describe my time with Kellie as one of the best investments I ever made in myself. She was able to coach/support me through a challenging pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidium and a host of other postpartum issues. She is a safe place to talk about everything related maternity. The addition of the pre and post natal massage therapist is an absolute game changer. Kellie, thank-you for helping me put the pieces back together!”

-Bella P.

photo by Nick Kelsh

photo by Nick Kelsh


Psychiatric Consultation & Treatment

Sometimes psychiatric care is needed to augment therapeutic support. Our medical consultant, Dr. Danial, can be reached directly at his Warminster office:

Abington Health Center - Warminster
205 Newtown Rd, Stein Building, Suite 212
Warminster, Pennsylvania 18974
Office: 215-481-5450


Helps guide and support you in any stage of your life and especially when it is needed most: motherhood.

- Vicki E.


Therapeutic Massage

Whether you are looking to relax, release physical and mental stress or simply enjoy a wonderful massage with qualified practitioners, you’ll find it here. The Maternal Wellness Center offers therapeutic massage therapy to women. Massage can be used at any age as a natural approach to better health. Studies show massage therapy has been helpful in treating a range of ailments from injuries to headaches, as well as reduces anxiety and digestive problems. Our customized approach, with combined modalities, assures that our clients leave feeling relaxed and pain free. Therapeutic massage is a combination of modalities used to relieve pain, reduce stress and increase soft tissue mobility. Strokes and pressure can vary from light to firm. Styles such as Myofacial Release or Trigger Point Therapy may be used to release muscle tension. The massage may also include long soothing strokes to encourage gentle relaxation.

Prenatal Massage

Massage is not only a safe way to relieve common discomforts associated with pregnancy, it is also incredibly beneficial to both mother and child. During a prenatal massage, the strokes and positioning are adjusted so the soon-to-be mother remains comfortable, allowing her to reap full benefit of the massage. Just to name a few, some of the benefits of a therapeutic massage are: decreased muscle tension, restored balance to overstretched muscles, increased circulation and decreased swelling. Alleviating some of these discomforts, helps to reduce stress allowing the new mom to focus on the excitement of her pregnancy.

60 minutes:  $80
75 minutes:  $100
90 minutes:  $120


Fertility Massage is a safe, therapeutic massage focused on creating the best environment for conception. This massage consists of a unique blend of modalities to help prepare a woman’s body for conception. 

During the massage you will experience a warm castor oil pack used on the abdomen to aid in cleansing and breaking down adhesions, as well as Cranial Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology and non invasive deep pelvic work. It is a deeply relaxing massage and aids in relieving the stress that can occur while trying to conceive. 

120 minutes: $150


I love the Maternal Wellness Center! I just recently had a massage there, and it was amazing! I love that the masseuse was so thorough and interested to know exactly what I wanted and even offering suggestions for relaxation in my day to day life. This is just one really awesome part of this center, I also go to moms groups as well!

-Victoria K.


Birth Classes

Birth class: one day intensives

Taught by Maria Pyanov, birth educator, parenting writer, and doula. Maria’s comprehensive childbirth classes are based on the idea that birth is a profound life event and that it offers opportunities for learning and growth. These classes are designed to be taken at any stage in your pregnancy. Our classes involve both education and exploration of feelings about pregnancy, birth, and parenting.  After taking this class you will feel empowered, informed, and ready for birth.

During our one-day intensives we cover: Comfort measures for labor, relaxation techniques, VBAC preparation, reducing the risk of cesarean birth, options for birth, postpartum wellness, breastfeeding, and more! Pre-registration required as space is limited.

Sundays, bi-monthly; 2-6p, cost is $165.00 per couple.

Please contact us, including the date (check events page) and class name to pre-register.


“Recently attended the one-day childbirth class at Maternal Wellness Center and had a really wonderful experience! The class was limited to a small group, so everyone had an opportunity to discuss the information and ask questions. Maria was incredibly knowledgeable, and provided tons of relevant and engaging content in a very relaxed, conversational way. I particularly appreciated her insight on informed decision-making during labor and the importance of feeling like you have a say in how things go during labor and delivery. It felt like a revelation although it makes a ton of sense. I would absolutely recommend this class to an expectant woman/couple, even if (like me) this isn’t your first baby.”

-Chelle B.

Support Groups

New Baby Support GROUP

Christa Aikins, trained doula, and seasoned mom of three, will facilitate this New Baby support group. Come into this supportive, confidential, and judgement-free space to explore what is true for you in your motherhood with your new baby. Chat, sip tea, ask questions, and make some new local mom friends for your village. This is a group for moms and babies 0-12 months.

Fridays; 11:30-1:00, cost is $5. Please contact us, including the date to pre-register.

LIFE AFTER loss Support group

Heidi Lengel, a trained psychotherapist, will facilitate this support group. Are you feeling isolated and alone after the loss of your baby? Our baby loss support group is open to anyone who has experienced the loss of their baby during pregnancy (20 wks+), at birth, or shortly thereafter. This group aims to help women express the profound grief that they live with, without any fear that it will overwhelm others. Grieving moms will gain new insights on their healing journey, create tools for recovery, and feel connected to other women. Tell your story and begin to heal. It’s too difficult to do this alone, and you don’t have to.

Fourth Tuesday of each month; 7:30-9:00 pm, cost is $25. Please contact us, including the date to pre-register.


Working Moms’ Support Group

Heidi Lengel, a trained psychotherapist, will facilitate this group. Are you struggling with the stress, fatigue, and constant pulls that comes with being a working mom? Come and connect with other local working mothers in a supportive group environment where we use music, mindfulness, and discussion to discover tools for dealing with the challenges and emotions of working motherhood in healthy ways. You may even find a local mom-friend who is just as busy as you! 

First Tuesday and Second Friday of each month; 7:30-8.30 pm, cost is $25. Please contact us, including the date to pre-register.



This is a free, peer-lead group, that utilizes the MotherWoman model of support. The facilitators have been trained by MotherWoman, and are supervised by Kellie Wicklund, Director of Maternal Wellness Center. There are many varied feelings in the journey of motherhood, and sometimes we need a village to help make sense what we’re going through.  Come to this supportive, friendly, judgment-free, and advice-free, space to explore what is true for you at this moment in your mothering. You will find connection, you will feel listened to, and find friendship. Pre-registration is appreciated, but drop-ins are welcome!

Sunday evenings; 7:00pm-8:30pm. This group is FREE. Please contact   

Cesarean Healing Circle

Maria Brooks, BSN, RNC-OB, will facilitate this group. The Cesarean Healing Circle provides a safe place for women to share their stories, begin healing, remove emotional scars, and celebrate themselves as birthing women. By use of visualization techniques and symbolism, participants will find common ground and support while sharing their own unique birth stories in a small group environment that is supportive and understanding.

What you need to know before attending:

  • The circle is only for mother's who have given birth by cesarean section.

  • It is advised that you be at least six weeks postpartum before you attend the Circle, however it is never too late to attend.

  • Babies/children cannot be present during the Circle.

Pre-registration is required, space is limited to 2-4 attendees.

Bi-monthly Sundays; 2-4:30, cost is 50$ 

Please contact us, including the date (check events page) and support group / class name to pre-register.


“The maternal wellness center popped up during the perfect time. I just had my second son and could not ask for a better community of support to help me during this time. I’ve attended the new baby support group and it’s been great meeting new moms and their babies and talking about how life really is with a newborn (really freakin hard!). I’ve also been able to talk deeply about my struggles and triumphs as a mother as well as get to support other mothers discussing their journey at the “circle of support for mothers” group. Cannot say enough great things about everyone connected to the center that I’ve met. Christa and Kellie are both kind and friendly and bring a great perspective to motherhood. Very thankful this center exists to help me create connections and understanding of being a mom.”

-Ashley L.

photo by Nick Kelsh

photo by Nick Kelsh



Fall Yoga Series: Mom & Baby

Yoga is meant to be accessible to anyone, at any stage of life. This one-hour Gentle Yoga class offers a variety of poses to help relieve stress, regain energy and strength, and create an overall sense of well-being. We will explore ways that you can take “re-centering” moments at any time of the day, using breath practices and grounding techniques.

This class is for moms with babies aged 6-weeks to pre-crawlers. The goal of the class is to use this time to move with your baby by your side, recenter yourself, and connect with other moms. (Feeding your baby anytime during class is perfectly fine too!) This summer series is a 6 week class, starting Monday October 7th, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. $50 for 4 weeks / $15 per class. Register for the whole session, or whatever your schedule permits.

It is recommended that you check with your care-provider that it is  safe for you to return to your pre-pregnancy activities. Pre-registration required as class size is limited.  Call 215.649.9916 or email Christa Aikins at


Accessing care

Our clinicians and staff offer a free 15-minute phone consultation and evaluation to determine if services at the center are a good fit for you, and get you quickly connected to care.  We will assist with any referrals, if needed, to our network of local providers and services. 

Our therapy services are reimbursable if you have Personal Choice or out-of-network options in your insurance plan. We find that government employees, school district employees, and those who work for large companies often have this option - it's worth a call to check with your individual plan.

We accept checks, and all major credit cards. We can process payment for services from an HSA or FSA account debit card as well.  We charge a "convenience fee" of $3 for credit card processing. The center offerings include daytime and evening hours, and services are by appointment only.  A flexed-fee for is available as needed, feel free to inquire about this.

Office Hours + Rates: Counseling / Supportive Counseling

Kellie Wicklund: M 3-9, T 9-4, W 3-9, Th 9-4. $150 Individual Session / $170 Couples Session

Heidi Lengel: T 9-2 + 6:30-9, W 9-12, Th 9-2 + 6:30 - 9, F 12-3. $125 Individual Session / $140 Couples Session. (Reduced fees available).

Sheri Hovdestad: W 8-3, Telehealth/Video Sessions - daytime + evening options by appointment. $125 Individual Session / $140 Couples Session (Reduced fees available).

Shaily Nandra: M 12-4, T 4-9 Th 4-9 + Telehealth/Video session also available various other times. $115 Individual Session / $130 Couples Session. (Reduced fees available).