Postpartum Doula Services

The “fourth” trimester, known as the weeks immediately following a birth, is a time of excitement, adjustment, and healing. Postpartum doulas offer non-judgmental support as you find your parenting style. With our infant care and breastfeeding knowledge, we can help minimize some of the stress to help you and your family enjoy your new baby. 

Our in-home support includes:

  • Infant care and soothing techniques
  • Breastfeeding support and education
  • Infant feeding assistance and education
  • Support and education in postpartum adjustment, mood disorders and normal changes
  • Help with multiples
  • Light household help and support
  • Overnight assistance


Maria Silver Pyanov is a certified postpartum doula and co-creator of the BirthWorks postpartum doula training program.  She is also a certified childbirth educator. 

In addition to her experience as a mother of five she has been working with prenatal and postpartum moms since 2007. Maria has worked in pregnancy centers, facilitated parenting classes, and provided postpartum care to many families. She is a trained peer breastfeeding counselor and has extra lactation education. As a childbirth educator Maria offers knowledge and confidence to prepare parents for the arrival of their new addition. 

Maria is also a contributor and editor for BellyBelly, a leading website for parenting education and support.