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Maternal Wellness childbirth classes involve both educating women and partners and empowering them to seek safe, positive, and fulfilling birth experiences. Birth is such a personal, intimate experience, and it is important that women prepare for birth according to their own needs and desires. The physical, emotional, psychological, and for some women, spiritual aspects of birth are explored. Couples will come away from this hands-on, experiential class with a "toolbox" to help them cope during the labor and beyond. The One-Day Labor Intensives, with the focus on labor and delivery,  are ideal for busy families who don't have time to take a longer class.  Learn everything you need to know about labor:  how to know when you are in labor, how to avoid an unnecessary C-section, explore options for pain relief,  learn about optimal fetal positioning, practice relaxation techniques, and learn partner massage techniques for labor. Practice pelvic bodywork to understand how the pelvis opens and how the sensation of the contractions can assist women in finding positions which create optimal space. Get resources for more information and plan for post-partum support.

Time: 2 P.M. -6 PM

Cost: $150 Pre-registration Required. **This cost includes a partner**

 Receipt provided for reimbursement from health insurance companies