“Maria has an amazing ability to calmly explain coping strategies even when the baby is worked up. She also knew how to help without being asked and often before we realized we needed help. ”
— C.B.
In the last trimester of my pregnancy , Melissa and I began talking in earnest about the kind of support that she would provide me as a labor doula. When we had our first meeting, Melissa was very attentive to what I was communicating regarding how I was thinking I wanted my labor to go and specifically how I wanted her to support me. I left that meeting feeling good about my choice to go with Melissa as my doula and had no doubt that she would be a great support to me.

In the weeks following that meeting, if I had a question about something going on with my body related to the pregnancy or the baby, I felt comfortable reaching out to Melissa, who demonstrated a depth of knowledge that was reassuring. Even if she didn’t have all of the answers, she quickly researched my question and got back to me with a helpful answer.

When the time finally came to deliver my baby, Melissa was there for me every step of the way. Given that my bag of waters tore, I had to be induced and Melissa helped me think through my induction options. She also offered me calming essential oils that I was able to apply safely in the hospital, which did actually help me to relax as I awaited induction in triage at the hospital.

What I appreciated most about Melissa was that she is very intuitive and went right with me wherever my labor took me to provide me with the right support that I needed in the moment. When it was movement and rhythm, she clapped to music with me; when it was massage she easily found the right spot; when it was counter pressure, she knew that it would likely help without me having to ask for it; when she sensed I needed my husband’s support, she stepped back and allowed him to be there for me in a way that only he could.

All in all, I got top notch support from a very caring and perceptive doula. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Melissa to assist me without question!
— Rashida Wellbeck