Kellie Wicklund, MA, NCP, LPC


Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy for individuals and couples facing issues around pregnancy and new parenting

Along with a general practice, Kellie has cultivated a specialty in supporting individuals and families in their transition to parenthood. The journey of becoming a parent can evoke powerful emotions, changes in relationships, and questions about oneself.  It is an all-encompassing experience that is filled with incredible joys, but also baffling contradictions and challenges.  For many parents, the mixture of sleep-deprivation, financial stress, work interruptions, childcare challenges, role & relationship changes, and the demands of a baby, can introduce or exacerbate anxiety and/or depression.  The pregnancy or postpartum experience can also be particularly difficult if there were fertility issues, previous pregnancy losses, a traumatic birth experience, or if a premature birth or health issues with mom or baby have factored in.  Memories and experiences from childhood can also return with new relevance, and power --- and may require updated understanding for this new chapter of life.

If you allow it, parenthood is rich with opportunity to discover new strengths, new insights, and deeper connections to partner and baby. Through supported exploration of feelings, expectations, and experiences, individuals & couples are better prepared for all the changes that are a part of establishing a new-normal, with baby.  Clients tell me that the experience of therapy with me is like being listened to, understood, and supported in a way that allowed them to find their own internal wisdom (a challenge – especially amidst the racket of the ‘mommy wars’!) to guide their unique journey with this special baby.


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